How to Make an Appointment at Perlmutter Cancer Center

At NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center, we are committed to supporting you throughout your treatment and beyond. We recognize that preparing for cancer treatment can feel overwhelming, so we’ve made the process of making an appointment with us as simple as possible. Our support staff is on hand to answer questions and to help you navigate the registration process to prepare you for your first visit.

Choose a Cancer Doctor

We can help you find the right Perlmutter Cancer Center doctor for you. You can find a doctor online or call our physician referral service at 212-731-6000.

We can help you determine the best type of doctor—such as a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, or surgeon—for the type of cancer to be treated.

Find a Doctor

You can search for a Perlmutter Cancer Center doctor online.

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If you don’t have a definitive cancer diagnosis, our physician referral service can help direct you to a doctor who can determine the type of cancer and then help assemble your care team. Your cancer care team works together to confirm the diagnosis and choose the best treatments for you.

Review Your Insurance

It’s important to determine if your insurance plan covers care at Perlmutter Cancer Center. We recommend that you contact your health insurance provider to review your benefits and confirm any referral or preauthorization requirements.

Your First Visit

We can help you prepare for your first visit to Perlmutter Cancer Center.

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Several days before your appointment, a business office associate may call you to review your insurance coverage and to discuss any copays or coinsurance.

Ask Any Financial Questions

Patients of Perlmutter Cancer Center may receive care at a variety of NYU Langone locations. These settings include our inpatient facilities, as well as our growing regional network of hospital-based outpatient centers and doctors’ office locations.

Hospital charges include fees such as imaging tests, procedures, treatment fees, infusion charges, lab fees, and supplies.

Each inpatient and outpatient facility has its own billing requirements. Because of this, the billing system is different from what you may have experienced at an individual doctor’s office. Rather than receiving a single bill for one visit, you may receive separate bills for the services provided by the hospital as well as the services provided by the doctor.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be responsible for a copayment, coinsurance, or a deductible. We encourage you to contact your insurance company to understand your coverage for hospital and doctors’ visits.

Financial counselors or business office associates can assist you with questions about treatment authorization, physician referrals, alternative payment options, and other insurance-related concerns.

For billing questions regarding services provided by your doctor, call 877-648-2964. For billing questions regarding services provided by the hospital, call 800-237-6977.