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Health Equity Impact Assessment

NYU Langone Health strives to provide increasingly high-quality care to the communities it serves. Undertaking projects to enhance its physical spaces and expand service offerings demonstrates NYULH’s commitment to ensure New Yorkers can get world-class healthcare close to home.

In New York State, hospitals must submit Certificate of Need (CON) applications, and in certain instances a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA), to gain approval for such projects. According to the New York State Department of Health, an HEIA aims to determine how a facility’s proposed project affects the accessibility and delivery of healthcare services. In addition, it seeks to demonstrate whether it will enhance health equity and contribute to mitigating health disparities in the project's service area for medically underserved groups.

An independent entity conducts the HEIAs for NYU Langone Health’s proposed projects, which ensures objective assessments of the potential impacts. The HEIAs also incorporate input from patients and community-based organizations.

Below are links to the HEIA documents and CONs filed with the New York State Department of Health.

Consolidating Transplant Services at NYU Langone Health’s Manhattan Campus