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Research Compliance

The Office of Research Compliance provides support and education for members of the NYU Langone Health community in conducting scientific research in compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical standards. Research Compliance supports all institutional oversight functions related to research in the following areas: Human Subjects Protection, Animal Welfare, Clinical Trials and FDA Compliance, Scientific Misconduct and Responsible Conduct of Research, Grants Management, Financial Administration of Research, Allowable Cost Compliance, Environmental Health and Safety, Biosafety and Radiation Safety, Select Agents and Export Controls Regulation, Research Data and Materials, Ownership and Use, and the Bayh-Dole Act requirements regarding federally funded inventions.

Research Compliance leads or assists in the development of research-related policies and procedures, auditing and monitoring of compliance with federal and state laws and regulations involving the conduct of research, training and education in research compliance, assurance of compliance by collaborators and sub-recipients, and the investigation and resolution of research-related, non-compliance events, concerns and allegations.


Code of Conduct
Policy - Institutional Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research
Policy - Research and Other Sponsored Programs Conflict of Interest
Compliance Concerns: Reporting, Investigating, and Protection from Retaliation Policy