Bone Healing Center

NYU Langone’s Bone Healing Center is dedicated to providing a collaborative team approach to the evaluation and treatment of bone problems of all kinds, including complex fractures and bone infections.

Doctors Holds a Model of a Foot

We are pioneering new technologies and procedures to help people facing a long and difficult recovery because of problems such as complex fracture reconstruction or difficulties with fracture healing.

For example, we have been at the forefront of studying bone stimulating medications (Teraperitide) as a treatment for bone repair, such as fractures due to osteoporosis. We have also researched Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMP) on human tissue—growth factors created in the laboratory and placed during surgery to help bones heal better.

The Bone Healing Center cares for stress fractures and insufficiency fractures—a type of stress fracture caused by normal stress, such as walking on a weakened bone—osteoporosis, and fragility fractures.

We also specialize in bone issues that include bisphosphonate (atypical) fractures, or fractures that may be linked to long-term use of this and other osteoporosis drugs; bone infections; bones that are not healing properly or are slow to heal; limb length discrepancies, or short or long limbs; and metabolic bone disorders that lead to weakened bones, such as premature menopause, thyroid dysfunction, hypogonadism, softening of the bones caused by a vitamin D deficiency, hyperparathyroidism, Paget’s diseases of the bone, and hypercalcemia, in which high calcium levels can weaken bones.

Procedures and treatment options we offer include:

  • bone grafts
  • diagnostic testing, such as CT, MRI, nuclear scans, and DEXA scans, an X-ray used to check bone density
  • electronic bone stimulation, a noninvasive therapy that applies low electrical current to the fracture site to help speed bone growth
  • the Ilizarov method, a series of techniques used to help lengthen limbs of different lengths or to reconstruct bone deformities
  • nonunion repair for fractures that aren’t healing quickly or at all
  • osteoporosis therapy
  • platelet rich plasma therapy, which uses a concentrated amount of platelets from your own blood to maximize healing
  • stem cell treatments
  • Taylor spatial frame, a medical device using external wires and rods that attach to the bone to heal complex fractures and deformities
  • ultrasound therapy that uses low-intensity pulsed ultrasound to speed bone healing

For new patients, please view our patient forms. You can contact us at 212-598-6137. Our fax number is 212-598-6015.