Your Emergency Care Visit

When you come to one of NYU Langone’s emergency care locations, we assess your condition, provide you with the appropriate care, and determine next steps for treatment.

At NYU Langone, it is our policy to provide treatment free from discrimination of any kind.

When You See an Expert

As our patient, you receive timely and efficient care. We strive to make sure that all patients can see a doctor or physician assistant for an initial assessment within 15 minutes of arrival, and those with life-threatening conditions are evaluated immediately. During this time, we may also expedite any needed laboratory tests or imaging exams to help us make a diagnosis.

For your safety, multiple members of the staff may ask you the same questions. We want to fully understand your story to provide you with the best treatment possible. To respect your privacy, we make every effort to speak softly in open care spaces.

We also invite you and your loved ones to ask questions about your treatment and condition. Please tell us if you are in pain or if what we are doing to manage your pain isn’t working so we can help. You and your family are the most important members of our team.

NYU Langone is a weapon-free zone. A weapon is any item capable of causing injury or harm, and includes firearms, knives, and any item that is illegal to own or use under the law. Licensed gun carriers and others may not enter with a gun unless they are law enforcement on active duty.

Inpatient and Outpatient Emergency Care

After your initial assessment, if your illness or condition requires more extensive care, you may be hospitalized. When a bed is ready on one of our inpatient units, a member of our emergency care team accompanies you to your room. We also offer observation services for conditions that require a brief period of hospitalization.

We understand that having your loved ones nearby may make you feel more comfortable. We may ask guests to temporarily step out of a patient’s room when we have to perform procedures or when the room is too crowded.

Please ask your care team if you have any questions about your treatment. We encourage you to be actively involved in your care.

After Your Emergency Care Visit

When your doctors and nurses are satisfied that you are well enough to leave the hospital, they prepare you for discharge. Everyone receives a discharge plan, a plan of care for when you are at home, and summary of your visit.

One to three days after your discharge, someone from our emergency department contacts you regarding follow-up care. We want to help you with anything you may need, including scheduling doctor appointments or obtaining medications.

If you live outside of the United States and need additional care after discharge, please contact our International Patient Services team at +1-212-263-3588 or email Our staff is available 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.