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Early Childhood Services at Family Health Centers at NYU Langone

Our Early Childhood Services, part of Community-Based Programs at Family Health Centers at NYU Langone, help prepare children for school and support parents and caregivers  in building stable and caring relationships with their children.

Our services include the following programs:

Early Childhood Centers

We operate four full-day, year-round early childhood centers for children. Our teachers and caregivers create supportive, stimulating, and enriching environments. Locations include:

  • Magical Years Early Childhood Center: 220 60th Street, Brooklyn NY, 11220; 718-439-0450
  • Seventh Avenue Preschool: 4419 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11220; 347-377-5160
  • Warren Street Center for Children and Families: 343 Warren Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201; 718-237-9578
  • 14th Street Preschool: 199 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215; 347-377-5026

We also spearhead the Sunset Park Early Learning Network, which aims to expand the capacity of early childhood services in the community and improve the quality of services to ensure that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn. The ELN offers group professional development, on-site coaching and child development associate credentialing for day care centers, family childcare providers, and home visitors as well as family, friend, and neighbor caregivers. For more information, please call 917-921-9622.

We also operate the Family Child Care Network (FCCN), providing subsidized childcare slots as well as additional resources to enhance the learning environment of family child care from birth until age 3. The FCCN works together with providers and families to provide the highest quality care for our communities’ children. For more information, please call 718-630-7150.

Family Literacy

Our family literacy programs support parents in their role as their child’s first teacher.
The Reach Out and Read early literacy program encourages parents to read aloud to their children. These language-rich interactions help stimulate brain development in young children.
Sunset Park ParentChild+ is an early literacy, school readiness, and parenting program that encourages parents to talk, read, and play with their young children to support school readiness. A companion program, ParentChild+ Family Child Care, supports home-based childcare providers in their role of helping young children prepare for school.

VROOM provides tips for caregivers of young children on everyday activities that support child development.  Caregivers can receive VROOM tips via direct texts and the free VROOM app.  
For more information on Family Literacy programs, please call 347-377-4185.

Parenting Supports

The Healthy Families Program is a home visiting program for pregnant women and new parents that supports positive parent–child bonding and relationships. Programming promotes child and family health, development, and safety. It also helps build early literacy and school readiness skills for children. For more information, please call 347-377-5093 or 347-573-1574.

HealthySteps is a pediatric primary care program that promotes the health, wellbeing, and school readiness of babies and toddlers. The HealthySteps Specialist, a child development expert, addresses common and complex concerns, such as feeding, behavior, sleep, attachment, maternal depression, access to social supports beyond healthcare, and adapting to life with a baby or young child. For more information, please call 646-735-1213.

The Video Interaction Project (VIP) provides parenting support sessions that occur during pediatric well-child visits for babies 0-3 years.  VIP offers books, toys, video-recordings, and expert advice to help children learn and grow.  For more information, please call 718-630-7171.