Joint Preservation Registry of the Knee

At NYU Langone’s Joint Preservation and Arthritis Center, the Joint Preservation Registry aims to advance personalized medicine in orthopedic and musculoskeletal care.

Currently focusing on cartilage damage and osteoarthritis of the knee, the registry captures and combines clinical, biomarker, and outcome data over a five-year period to improve the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The goal is to identify patients who may benefit from joint-preserving procedures, and those who may consider total joint replacement as a treatment option.

Dr. Jonathan Samuels Examines Patient

Rheumatologist Dr. Jonathan Samuels examines a patient.

All patients of NYU Langone Orthopedic Center who have knee complaints are encouraged to enroll. As an observational study, participation does not require any changes to standard procedures.

Study participants are not required to come in for extra visits, nor are they turned away from coming into the clinic as part of a study exercise. Patients continue to participate in their own treatment decisions, and can rest assured that time with their physician is not disrupted.

Participants are asked to answer a brief survey via email once a year. The survey asks about at-home treatments used for their condition, the development of new complaints, and the long-term outcome of their condition. All patient data is de-identified to protect the confidentiality of all study participants.

As part of the registry, our researchers are analyzing:

  • the effectiveness of alternative, nonsurgical treatments
  • the relationship between individual patient characteristics and the response to particular treatment alternatives, as captured by patient-reported outcome scores
  • the potential for using biomarkers to make treatment decisions for an individual patient
  • the use of advanced radiologic imaging and high-strength MRI units to characterize joint damage

Patients interested in participating in the Joint Preservation Registry should discuss participation with their NYU Langone physician.