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Who Can Benefit from a Left Ventricular Assist Device

Doctors from NYU Langone’s LVAD Program carefully evaluate people who have symptoms of advanced heart failure to determine if they are candidates for this lifesaving, heart-assisting device. Heart failure symptoms can include severe fatigue, shortness of breath with limited activity, and a frequent buildup of fluid in the body that has led to repeated hospitalizations.

For people with advanced heart failure who are awaiting a heart transplant, an LVAD may be surgically implanted and remain in place for several years until a donor heart becomes available.

For people who are not candidates for a heart transplant, an LVAD can be permanently implanted, with the goal of extending a person’s life as well as improving quality of life. Reasons for ineligibility for a heart transplant can include other major health issues that may interfere with the success of a transplant.

An LVAD may not be recommended for people with major brain injuries, serious infections, severe kidney failure, or other life-threatening conditions.