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Family Planning Services

At NYU Langone, we believe all our patients deserve access to safe, high-quality reproductive healthcare. Our providers offer compassionate and nonjudgmental counseling and care for people facing decisions about their family building and reproductive health, including abortion services, abnormal early pregnancy and miscarriage management, and birth control for patients with complicated medical issues or poor experiences with birth control in the past.

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To make an appointment with one of our family planning doctors, call 929-455-2500, or contact one of our providers of abortion services directly.

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In all these circumstances and more, our family planning team is ready to provide supportive, skilled reproductive healthcare. Our team includes doctors who are double board-certified in both obstetrics and gynecology and complex family planning. No matter what your reproductive health goals may be, we are ready to help you understand all of your options and to provide confidential, empathetic, and evidence-based care.

Abortion Care

Our clinicians are committed to providing safe and effective abortion care. We offer both medication and procedural abortions and also offer a range of safe anesthesia options for patients who choose procedural abortions. Our aim is to provide empathetic, patient-centered medical care that prioritizes each person’s needs.

Early Pregnancy Complications and Miscarriage Management

Complications in early pregnancy, such as cramping or bleeding, can be difficult to manage, especially for patients who have not yet connected with a prenatal care provider. Our clinicians help diagnose and manage these early pregnancy complications and offer sensitive counseling and comprehensive management options in case of early pregnancy loss (miscarriage). Our clinicians also provide expert management for patients with rarer abnormal pregnancies, such as ectopic pregnancies or molar pregnancies.

Complex Contraception Guidance

People who have complex medical histories or who have had past difficulties with contraception may need clinicians’ support to find a birth control option that is safe and effective for them. Our clinicians review your medical history as well as your preferences and past experiences to help you decide what birth control method works best for you. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

We provide screening, counseling, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases for people as part of their gynecologic care. Our team can also offer pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication for HIV prevention.