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Hockey Center

When a hockey player is injured, he or she often has one goal in mind: getting back to the game as quickly as possible. At NYU Langone’s Hockey Center, our medical experts are prepared to treat all injuries that happens on the ice. 

Hockey is a contact sport, and injuries happen. You may sprain, strain, or tear a joint or ligament, and need orthopedic surgical care. You may experience a deep cut to the face, and need a plastic surgeon to minimize scarring, or an ophthalmologist or maxillofacial surgeon to treat an eye injury. Or maybe you suffered a concussion, and you need an expert assessment from NYU Langone’s Concussion Center to determine when it is safe to return to play. Our team of experts, many of whom have years of experience caring for professional hockey players, can address all of these medical needs and more.

VIDEO: Madison Packer, a forward for the Metropolitan Riveters of the National Women's Hockey League, discusses her injury and her triumphant return to the ice.

At the Hockey Center, our holistic approach begins with a preseason evaluation to help prevent injury. If an injury occurs, we look at the player, his or her goals, and the extent of an injury. A teen playing on a youth league with dreams of playing professionally may need a different treatment plan than an older person who plays on an adult league. There’s nuance to every injury, and subtleties to each treatment. When the season ends, we can recommend a fitness routine to help keep your skills sharp and body ready.

Whether you or your child play on a youth league, at the college level, recreationally, or professionally, our experts develop a treatment plan that reflects your specific goals.

Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Training

After treatment for an initial injury, your physician might recommend physical rehabilitation to help your recovery. This can include working with physical or occupational therapists from NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation.

Services are also available at our Sports Performance Center. By combining research with the most advanced testing equipment, our exercise physiologists and sports psychologists provide the training and assistance that can help you improve your game and achieve your potential.

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The Hockey Center is led by Dr. Andrew Feldman and Dr. Laith Jazrawi. Dr. Feldman was team physician for the New York Rangers for 14 years. Dr. Jazrawi is chief of sports medicine at NYU Langone.

In addition, the Hockey Center is supported by the following physicians:

Specialists in the following areas also provide care to our patients: dentistry, emergency medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, oral maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology, pediatric orthopedics, plastic surgery, psychiatry, radiology, and rehabilitation medicine.

If you have experienced a hockey-related injury or are interested in a second opinion, please call 877-769-8632.