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Care for the Performing Voice

Whether it’s illness, injury, or subtle changes to the speaking or singing voice, the experts at NYU Langone’s Voice Center understand that no concern is too minor when it comes to ensuring the health of your voice.

Our specialists have a unique understanding of the professional voice. Paul E. Kwak, MD, and Milan R. Amin, MD, the director of the center, are otolaryngologists who specialize in medical and surgical care for the performing voice. Aaron M. Johnson, PhD, the center’s co-director, is a speech–language pathologist who provides treatment and therapies for professional vocalists.

Our patients include acting and singing students, aspiring artists who spend their days auditioning, and established professionals. They are vocal athletes, and just as in sports, vocal athletes benefit from a team approach. Our experts are uniquely equipped to manage issues specific to the elite performing voice.

Diagnosis and management of vocal problems is highly individual and often complex. Our doctors conduct advanced diagnostic testing to pinpoint the causes of the problem and develop a treatment plan to get you back on stage as quickly as possible.

We offer baseline vocal examinations, and highly encourage singers and actors to have this done early in their careers. This information can help us identify subtle changes in vocal quality that can impact performance.

We also teach healthy vocal habits, including efficient voice use, that can help preserve your voice over the long term.

We are also actively involved in research into how the voice works, so we can come up with new and better ways to ensure your best, lifelong vocal quality.

For more information, please call 646-754-1207 or email VoiceCenter@NYULangone.org.