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Recovery & Support for Coronary Artery Disease

At NYU Langone, dietitians, nurses, rehabilitation experts, psychologists, and social workers provide the support you need after treatment for coronary artery disease. They can help prevent future cardiovascular problems in a variety of ways. 

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For people who have open heart surgery, NYU Langone offers both inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation services through the Joan and Joel Smilow Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Center, which is part of the nationally renowned Rusk Rehabilitation

NYU Langone’s cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program begins shortly after open heart surgery. The goals are to help improve mobility and endurance, prevent infection, and reduce the odds of developing bed sores. A team of specialists, including physiatrists, doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine; occupational and physical therapists; and vocational rehabilitation experts offers a variety of services to help you avoid future cardiovascular problems, including a heart attack.

Psychological Support

Some people become depressed after major heart surgery. Your doctor can refer you to our social workers and psychologists, who provide counseling. You can also participate in cardiovascular support groups through Rusk Rehabilitation.

Nutritional Guidance

At NYU Langone, registered dietitians can create a heart-healthy diet plan to help you lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, and manage diabetes.

Our Research and Education in Coronary Artery Disease

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.