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Recovery & Support for Endometriosis

Endometriosis can be a chronic, meaning recurring, condition, even with medical or surgical treatment. At NYU Langone, our doctors offer continued support to ensure that endometriosis interferes as little as possible with your life. Your doctor manages your symptoms for as long as needed, changing treatment and consulting with other NYU Langone experts.

Pain Management

If you have chronic, severe pain from endometriosis that doesn’t dissipate with medication or surgery, your doctor may refer you to pain specialists. Treatments can include nerve-pain medications, including antidepressants or anticonvulsants; nerve blocks; nonnarcotic analgesics; and trigger-point injections that decrease inflammation, interrupt pain transmission, and relax muscles.

Pelvic floor exercises, which help to strengthen the muscles that support the pelvic organs, may also relieve pelvic pain. Integrative therapies, including acupuncture, can relieve the pain caused by endometriosis without medication.

Fertility Consultation

Many women with endometriosis experience infertility. Our doctors may refer patients and their partners to our fertility experts at NYU Langone Fertility Center and NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sometimes, the symptoms of endometriosis interfere with sexual function. You may experience a loss of sex drive, pain during intercourse, or trouble achieving orgasm. Your doctor may refer you to an NYU Langone specialist for treatment of these symptoms with medication or psychological support.

Emotional Support

Doctors at NYU Langone understand that the effects of endometriosis can interfere with your life. Chronic pain can be managed with cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, individual and group counseling, and relaxation training. Your doctor can also refer you to psychologists and support groups to help you cope with the emotional effects of chronic endometriosis symptoms.

Our Research and Education in Endometriosis

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.