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A hernia occurs when fat, tissue, or part of an organ protrudes through a weakened area or hole in the abdominal muscle or connective tissue. Hernias in adults occur most often in the groin or abdomen. You might notice a bulge in one of those areas or feel pain that gets worse when you cough, sneeze, lift something, or stand for a long time.

At NYU Langone, our surgeons are experts in procedures to correct hernia in adults. They can perform open surgical, laparoscopic, or robotic techniques to return the protruding part to the abdomen. Surgical experts at the Abdominal Core Health Program specialize in treating simple and complex hernias and in abdominal wall reconstruction.

Pediatric experts at NYU Langone also diagnose and manage hernias in children.

Treatment for Hernia

Sometimes, our surgeons recommend watchful waiting for an adult with a hernia. If necessary, one of our experienced surgeons can perform surgery to correct the hernia. Our doctors usually reinforce the weakened muscle with a mesh material, which can prevent the hernia from recurring.

Our Research and Education in Hernia

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