Our Approach to Treating

High Blood Pressure

NYU Langone preventive cardiologists are experienced at treating people who have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, which is very common among American adults. When the force of blood flow in the body is too strong, it can damage the walls of arteries. This leads to the development of a waxy substance called plaque, which causes the arteries to narrow and forces the heart to work even harder to deliver blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Doctor Takes Pulse Rate

Left untreated, high blood pressure is a leading cause of serious and sometimes life-threatening health conditions, including stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and impaired kidney function.

NYU Langone has one of the largest teams of cardiovascular specialists, particularly in the area of heart disease prevention, in the New York area. These specialists identify and address the underlying conditions or behaviors causing hypertension and determine the best course of treatment for each person. Our doctors also partner with NYU Langone experts in other medical specialties to manage any related health concerns.

Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Our doctors frequently recommend lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, regular exercise, and reducing salt intake, to lower blood pressure. In addition, they may prescribe one or a combination of medications to manage high blood pressure.

Our Research and Education in High Blood Pressure

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