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Our Approach to Treating


When disease-causing bacteria enter the body from an open wound or penetrating injury or through the bloodstream, bones can become infected. This can happen after a recent illness or after surgery, such as one done to repair a fracture or replace a joint. Osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection in the bones, can be either acute, meaning it lasts for a short period, or chronic, meaning it remains for a long time.

NYU Langone orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and infectious disease specialists are experienced in managing osteomyelitis. They work as a team, and often with other specialists, to treat this condition.

Treatment for Osteomyelitis

Our doctors usually treat bone infections with a combination of surgery and antibiotics. Surgery is generally needed to remove dead or damaged bone tissue and clean infected areas. Sometimes a plastic surgeon rearranges muscle to bring in healthier tissue to allow for eradication of the infection.

Our Research and Education in Osteomyelitis

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.