Our Approach to Treating

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

NYU Langone clinicians specialize in diagnosing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder, also called PTSD. This anxiety disorder develops after a person experiences or witnesses a terrifying event. Such an event may include a violent personal assault, war and combat, a severe accident, or another life-threatening incident.

Reactions such as shock, fear, jumpiness, nightmares, or trouble sleeping are common after a traumatic event. For most people, these reactions diminish over time. But for people with PTSD, the feelings remain as fresh as they were when the event occurred.

At NYU Langone, the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Center provides therapy for military veterans, service members, and their families. Specialists provide psychiatric and psychological evaluations, as well as medication. Our clinicians also connect people who are experiencing PTSD with social workers, educational programs, and support groups.

Specialists at NYU Langone's Child Study Center evaluate and manage children with traumatic stress.

Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Treatment may include medication, psychotherapy, or both. NYU Langone therapists can help to relieve the symptoms of PTSD by changing how a person reacts to stressful memories.

Our Research and Education in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

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