Our Approach to Treating

Refractive Error

Ophthalmologists and optometrists at NYU Langone diagnose refractive error—a change to the shape of the eye that results in blurry vision—in adults and children. Using the most advanced diagnostic tests, doctors can quickly and accurately identify common types of refractive error. These include myopia, or nearsightedness; hyperopia, or farsightedness; astigmatism, which affects near and far vision; and presbyopia, which is age-related difficulty reading and seeing objects up close. 

Our eye doctors offer corrective treatments for all types of refractive error so that you can see more clearly. Specialists also monitor your eye health during regular follow-up eye exams, adjusting treatment as needed and ensuring the best possible eyesight at every stage of life.

Treatment for Refractive Error

Many people find that eyeglasses or contact lenses are convenient and sufficient options to correct refractive error. Others may elect to have eye surgery. Our ophthalmologists offer quick and safe laser procedures to correct the shape of your corneas, improving vision.

Children with refractive error receive treatment through Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.

Our Research and Education in Refractive Error

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