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Our Approach to Treating

Scars & Keloids

Scars form as a part of the body’s natural healing process. Often, scars shrink and fade over time, but sometimes they remain large, raised, depressed, discolored, itchy, or painful. Occasionally they grow to exceed the boundaries of the original wound, a type of scar called a keloid.

Dermatologists and reconstructive plastic surgeons at NYU Langone offer medical and surgical treatments to minimize the appearance of a scar, reposition it to make it less noticeable, or reduce the surface area of multiple scars by combining them. Our doctors are actively involved in clinical research to integrate new and effective techniques and recommend treatment based on the type, size, and location of a scar. Each treatment plan is customized to meet your aesthetic and functional goals.

Treatment for Scars and Keloids

Laser therapy and corticosteroid injections may reduce redness and discoloration or improve the appearance of thick scars. For large, raised, or depressed scars, our reconstructive surgeons offer procedures to make them less noticeable and prevent them from growing wider. For keloids, doctors may recommend surgical removal and reconstruction.

Our Research and Education in Scars and Keloids

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.