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Our Approach to Treating

Shoulder Dislocation

Sports medicine doctors and surgeons at NYU Langone Orthopedic Center specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder dislocation. This injury occurs when the upper arm bone is pulled out of the shoulder socket. Dislocations are often associated with athletic injuries, as well as other traumatic events, such as falls or car accidents.

Our specialists use advanced imaging techniques to confirm the diagnosis and determine the extent of damage to the soft tissues that surround and support the shoulder. They work closely with specialists in physical rehabilitation to provide treatment customized to your injury, restoring function and range of motion in the shoulder and helping you return to work or sports as quickly as possible.

Treatment for Shoulder Dislocation

Many people find that a treatment plan involving rest, ice, and pain medication followed by physical therapy allows them to recovery fully. If a shoulder dislocation results in damage to the supporting ligaments, recurrent shoulder dislocations may occur, and doctors may recommend minimally invasive surgery to repair the damaged structures.

Our Research and Education in Shoulder Dislocation

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