Our Approach to Treating

Shoulder & Elbow Fractures

At NYU Langone, our orthopedic surgeons lead research to identify new and effective treatments for people with shoulder or elbow fractures, which are breaks in one or more of the bones that make up these joints. Fractures often occur because of falls, sports injuries, or other accidents, and they require expert care in order to heal properly. Most of the time, these injuries warrant immediate attention in an emergency room.

Dr. Dennis Cardone Speaks With a Patient

Dr. Dennis Cardone speaks with a patient.

Our specialists use imaging tests to confirm the extent of damage to the bone or surrounding soft tissues, and to determine whether surgery is required to ensure a full recovery. As a fracture heals, physical therapists and physicians at Rusk Rehabilitation collaborate to provide the best care for you. Your team helps you regain strength and mobility in the shoulder or elbow, allowing you to return to work or sports as quickly as possible.

Treatment for Shoulder and Elbow Fractures

Our physicians customize treatment based on the location and extent of an injury in the shoulder or elbow. Sometimes, immobilizing the fractured bone in a device such as a cast is all that’s needed to allow the bone to heal. Other people may need surgery to stabilize the bone and prevent additional damage to the joint.

Our Research and Education in Shoulder and Elbow Fractures

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