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NYU Langone Cancer Center for Kids—Mineola Support Services

At NYU Langone Cancer Center for Kids—Mineola, we promote holistic healing and alleviate stress for children and families through support services. Our team includes a social worker, clinical psychologist, child life therapist, and music therapist, who meet with each child and their family. We provide fun, educational activities, therapeutic programs, and support groups throughout treatment and beyond.

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist works closely with our medical staff to create supportive interventions based on your child’s needs. We also offer psychological testing to address existing or future concerns at home or school.

Child Life Specialist and Music Therapist

Our child life specialist and music therapist are trained to promote physical and emotional healing in children. Through therapeutic play that incorporates storytelling, guided imagery, music, arts and crafts, and relaxation techniques, our therapists work to help children cope with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Social Worker

A social worker on our team is available to help families who are seeking financial assistance with medical bills. The social worker also helps facilitate support groups for patients and parents, and assists children with their education throughout treatment.

Support Groups and Programs

We offer a variety of support groups and programs for our patients and families to address educational, physical, and emotional needs. Facilitated by the psychosocial team, we can help manage feelings about diagnosis and care, address anxiety about upcoming treatments and procedures, assist with school re-entry, and provide other outreach and support to the family.

Project SOAR

Project School Re-Entry and Ongoing Academic Resources (SOAR), funded by the Michael Magro Foundation, aims to help children make a smooth transition back to school after a leave of absence during cancer treatment. Our psychosocial team, along with a pediatric hematologist–oncologist and nurse practitioner, provide educational support and counseling to patients and their families, as well as to their teachers and classmates to help them prepare for the child’s return to school.

If required, we arrange for at-home schooling or tutoring to help students keep up with learning and achieve academic success. We also offer ongoing support for children after they have completed treatment as needed.

Kids Club

Facilitated by our social worker and child life specialist, our Kids Club is for those ages 9 to 16 years. Through art, cooking, trips, and other events, we foster an environment of fun and creativity. Our goal is to provide children and teens with an opportunity to connect with peers who recently received a cancer diagnosis or treatment, or who are cancer survivors.

Back in the Game

Our Back in the Game physical education training program helps young patients with cancer and survivors regain fitness and strength through physical activity in a fun and safe environment.

Developed in partnership with the Professional Athletic Performance Center, and staffed by licensed physical therapists, this 12-week program serves youths with cancer and survivors between 5 to 21 years, regardless of where they received treatment. For more information, or to register, please call 516-663-9400.

Generation of Survivors Program

Cancer survivors and their families often face unique challenges even after completing treatment, including long-term effects from cancer treatment. The Generation of Survivors Program is dedicated to helping childhood cancer survivors maintain their health and wellness through medical evaluations, health education, and ongoing support.

The first survivorship program on Long Island, Generation of Survivors is open to all childhood cancer survivors from infancy to 18 years, who have completed treatment at least 2 years ago at any facility. We also offer the opportunity to participate in research studies. For more information, or to register, please call 516-663-9400.

Young Adult Survivor Group

Our Young Adult Survivor Group is a survivorship group for young adults who have completed high school. The group meets twice a year and gives young adults a chance to connect, support each other, and share common experiences.