Genetic Testing for Pancreatic Cancer

NYU Langone’s Pancreatic Cancer Center offers a full evaluation including risk assessment, genetic counseling, and genetic testing for people who may be at increased risk for pancreatic cancer because of an inherited genetic predisposition, as well as those who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Genetic testing can provide important information for detecting and managing this type of cancer, which can be more treatable when found early.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please call 212-731-5655. Learn more about the risk factors for pancreatic cancer.

When you meet with our genetic counselor at Perlmutter Cancer Center, we review any family history of cancer and discuss genetic testing options and screening for pancreatic cancer. When indicated, we order testing such as blood tests, review your test results, and discuss any necessary management plans for you and your family members.

Additional testing can include pancreatic cancer screening tests such as MRI and endoscopic ultrasound.