Recovery & Support for Asthma in Children

With the appropriate treatment and support, children with asthma can learn how to manage symptoms effectively and may even outgrow the condition. We provide access to resources at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone for children hospitalized after a serious asthma flare-up. Our child and family support services and resilience programs are provided by Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care.

Continued Monitoring

Our pulmonologists see children with asthma every two to four months. During these visits, doctors use periodic lung function tests to monitor the effectiveness of medications.

As your child’s asthma improves, our doctors slowly decrease the medication dosage. Over time, many children’s symptoms remain under control with little or no medication.

Our doctors also work with your child’s pediatrician to ensure that he or she has the most current information about your child’s symptoms and treatment.

Managing Allergies

Allergies are a common cause of asthma symptoms in children. If your child has allergy-induced asthma, our pulmonologists can refer you to allergists who treat children.

Depending on your child’s symptoms, some allergists recommend allergy immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots. Allergy shots require periodic injections to increase tolerance to specific allergy triggers.

Asthma Education

Our certified asthma educator explains the importance of using asthma medications exactly as prescribed—not only when your child’s symptoms worsen—and demonstrates how to use an inhaler with a spacer.

Our asthma educator also offers advice on how to prevent asthma attacks by avoiding known triggers, staying indoors during allergy season, and minimizing triggers in the home, such as dust.

Tobacco Cessation

Secondhand smoke is a leading cause of asthma and other breathing problems in children. The Tobacco Cessation Programs at NYU Langone can help parents and other family members to quit smoking and reduce a child’s asthma symptoms.

Resources for Asthma in Children
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