Support for Liver Cancer & Liver Metastases

At NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center, our doctors are an integral part of your follow-up care for liver cancer. After treatment is complete, your doctor schedules follow-up appointments every three to four months. These may include physical exams, imaging tests, and blood tests to ensure the cancer has not returned.

Perlmutter Cancer Center also provides a variety of support services for people with liver cancer.

Psychological Support

Perlmutter Cancer Center provides support groups and one-on-one counseling sessions with a psycho-oncologist, a healthcare provider trained to address the psychological needs of people with cancer. Counseling can often help you cope with any depression or anxiety you might experience during treatment.

Social Support

If you are having a liver transplant, a social worker can help manage financial and other challenges that may arise during the wait for a donor organ, as well as during other treatments. These specialists also coordinate follow-up care after the procedure.

Integrative Health Therapies

At Perlmutter Cancer Center, the use of integrative health services often helps people with liver cancer feel better during and after treatment. These services include massage therapy, which can help reduce stress, and acupuncture, which may help alleviate the fatigue associated with cancer and its treatments.

Integrative Health Services

We offer integrative Health services to help support you during cancer treatment.

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Physical Rehabilitation

Immediately after surgery for liver cancer, doctors at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation often recommend physical therapy, which may help you regain mobility, so you can return home as soon as possible. Our physicians can prescribe medications for any postsurgery pain and discomfort that may affect your return to daily activities.

Rusk Rehabilitation specialists may also prescribe an outpatient program of strength training and aerobic exercise. This may be used to address any muscle weakness and fatigue you may be experiencing or to manage related conditions, such as cirrhosis. Our exercise program can help improve balance, flexibility, and mobility. It can also help you return to your usual activities after liver cancer surgery.

Nutrition Counseling

Our doctors encourage healthy eating, which is important for people with liver cancer and other illnesses, such as cirrhosis, that affect liver function. Good nutrition is particularly important for people who have had a liver transplant. Registered oncology dietitians at Perlmutter Cancer Center offer nutritional counseling and can help develop a diet that’s right for you.

Supportive Care

Our supportive care team provides palliative and supportive care to address any symptoms or side effects of cancer and its treatments. Your palliative care team works with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life during cancer treatments. This can include emotional counseling and integrative health therapies.

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