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At Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Ambulatory Care East Meadow, our physiatrists—doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation—provide care to adults with musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. As part of the Rusk Rehabilitation team, they collaborate with and make referrals to our physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech–language pathology and swallowing therapy specialists to create a treatment plan for you that is designed to reduce pain and restore function.

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For an appointment with one of our physiatrists, call 516-324-7500 and select option 5. For an appointment with one of our physical or occupational therapists or speech–language pathologists, select option 4.

Physical Therapy

Our team of highly trained physical therapists care for adults recovering from orthopedic and neurologic surgeries and injuries. They pursue advanced training in their field, including orthopedic, neurologic, and vascular specialist certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and Canadian manual therapy training. They also have expertise in spine rehabilitation and Kinesio Taping to aid in joint healing.

Our rehabilitation space features the latest in physical therapy technology. The AlterG antigravity treadmill provides support for people regaining mobility. The treadmill’s technology eliminates or reduces body weight, allowing users to run or walk with little impact on muscles and joints.


For more than 25 years, U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” has ranked Rusk Rehabilitation as the best rehabilitation program in New York State and among the top 10 programs in the country.

The TRAZER system is a high-tech rehabilitation system for people recovering from hip, knee, or ankle surgery or injury as well as for people who need vestibular rehabilitation after a concussion.

Our physical therapists also use these technologies for people who want to improve their athletic performance by building cardiovascular fitness and having their gait analyzed, as well as for those who are recovering from a neurologic or vascular injury and for whom gait training is needed.

Occupational Therapy

After illness or injury, people may have difficulty performing daily tasks. Our occupational therapists create specialized treatment programs for adults to help them regain independence. Our neurologic occupational therapists have specialized training in working with adults who have experienced stroke, traumatic brain injury, concussion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or other neurologic illness, helping them maximize their ability to perform activities of daily living. They also provide treatment for movement difficulties related to inner ear, or vestibular, conditions such as vertigo.

Our musculoskeletal occupational therapists work with adults to help them increase their strength and range of motion, learn how to maximize their independence in performing activities of daily living, and resume a full life.

Speech–Language Pathology and Swallowing Therapy

Our speech–language pathologists and swallowing therapists evaluate and treat adults for speech, language, voice, communication, and swallowing disorders. Our speech–language pathologists have advanced training in neurologic rehabilitation techniques for people recovering from brain disorders or injury.

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