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Survivorship Program at Perlmutter Cancer Center

We provide support and services to help you transition to life after cancer.

With advances in research, many forms of cancer have become highly treatable and may even result in a cure. Still, a cancer diagnosis can be life changing. While you may feel relieved and more appreciative of life when treatment is complete, you may find yourself adjusting to a new “normal.” Even if you are cancer-free, you may feel anxious about your health and the possibility of recurrence or overwhelmed by managing any ongoing side effects from your diagnosis or treatment.

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A cancer survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, from the day of diagnosis onward. There are millions of cancer survivors today. Yet, no two cancer survivors are alike. As you learn to adjust to life after cancer, it’s important to know you’re not alone.

The Survivorship Program at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center is here for you. The program aims to help cancer survivors thrive after a cancer diagnosis and during treatment. To help meet each survivor’s unique needs, the program connects patients who are being treated for cancer or have completed treatment with Perlmutter Cancer Center medical services that can help them achieve the best quality of life possible.

The Survivorship Experience at Perlmutter Cancer Center

During treatment, you receive treatment, information, and support from your care team. When treatment is complete, you’re not on your own. You meet with a member of your care team and receive a survivorship care plan.

Integrative Health

We offer therapies to support your wellbeing during and after cancer treatment.

Learn About Our Integrative Health Services

This comprehensive plan provides information about your individualized follow-up care, which includes cancer screening recommendations, and specific survivorship programs recommended based on your diagnosis, treatment, and any ongoing physical or emotional symptoms you may be experiencing.

Here’s a sample of the wellness resources available through the Survivorship Program that may be recommended in your survivorship care plan.

Nutrition Counseling

In cancer survivorship, healthy eating plays an important role in reducing the risk of recurrence and helping you feel your best. A registered dietitian can meet with you to tailor specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations according to your needs, with the goal of achievable and lasting change.

Cancer Rehabilitation

The cancer rehabilitation program provides individualized rehabilitation plans at Rusk Rehabilitation aimed at easing the ongoing side effects of cancer treatment, restoring physical function, helping relieve physical and emotional stress, and improving quality of life.

Cardio-Oncology Support

Some cancer treatments, including radiation and anthracycline chemotherapy, may damage or strain the heart and blood vessels. Experts with the Cardio-Oncology Program, part of NYU Langone Heart, can help you manage your cardiovascular health to help you feel your best. Cardio-oncologists create personalized care plans for people who are newly diagnosed with cancer, are receiving cancer treatment, or have successfully completed cancer treatment to help protect their heart health.

Psycho-Oncology Support

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can be unsettling. Oncology social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists are available to help you with any psychological issues you may have associated with your diagnosis and treatment, including depression, anxiety, anger, fear about the future, fatigue, cognitive function, and sexual difficulties.

Additional Wellbeing Resources

The Survivorship Program can also connect you to online meditation classes, cognitive function evaluations, and CancerFit exercise classes aimed at helping to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, which may include fatigue, pain, frailty, and the loss of muscle and bone, while boosting powerful feelings of wellbeing.

Support for Caregivers

At the Survivorship Program, we want to help everyone touched by a cancer diagnosis to live their best life possible. Family, friends, and caregivers are also part of the survivorship experience.

If you’re supporting someone with a cancer diagnosis, we are there for you, too. We also offer internet-based community outreach and survivorship lectures for family, friends, and caregivers. The online platform offers a safe place where you can make vital connections necessary for daily practical support and emotional healing as you support your loved one in cancer recovery.

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Perlmutter Cancer Center hosts frequent webinars and other educational events on survivorship and other cancer-related topics such as prevention, screening, treatment, research, and support. These virtual live events are hosted by our experts, who offer tips and advice, as well as answer questions from participants.

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Our Leadership

  • Marleen I. Meyers, MD

    Director, Survivorship Program | Breast Oncology, Medical Oncology

    Dr. Meyers is a clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone and director of the Survivorship Program at Perlmutter Cancer Center. Dr. Meyers joined Perlmutter Cancer Center in 1985 and has focused on the clinical treatment of breast cancer, including clinical trials. As founding director of the Survivorship Program, Dr. Meyers is passionate about improving the quality of life for cancer survivors and has expanded the program across all NYU Langone sites. Dr. Meyers serves as vice chair of the NYU Langone Commission on Cancer Committee. She is also on the Ethics Committee and recently completed a master of bioethics (MBE). She has published multiple publications and abstracts in the field of oncology and survivorship. She is the recipient of the prestigious New York Times “Super Doctor” Award as well as Castle Connolly’s “Top Doctors” series for the New York Metro Area.

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