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Recovery & Support for Infertility in Women

Our fertility specialists, including those at NYU Langone’s Fertility Center and NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York, understand that infertility can be stressful. We offer women and their partners medical, emotional, and informational support throughout diagnosis and treatment, as well as during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Care

Should you become pregnant, your NYU Langone doctor performs ultrasound testing one to three weeks after a positive pregnancy test. This helps him or her to evaluate the developing baby’s health. Our doctors can refer you to an obstetrician for pregnancy care.

Tobacco Cessation

Smoking cigarettes, using smokeless tobacco, and being exposed to second-hand smoke significantly impact fertility in women and men. Quitting can improve the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy. NYU Langone’s Tobacco Cessation Programs provide support and education.

Wellness Program

Because daily stress can affect fertility, the NYU Langone Fertility Center offers a Fertility Wellness Program, which includes acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, and mind–body stress reduction classes.

Psychological Counseling

Treatment for infertility can cause anxiety or stress in some people. Our specialists can help you cope with the effects of treatment and find ways to balance work and family obligations. They also offer couples therapy to help improve communication and support.

A psychological information session is required for women who are giving or receiving donor eggs or donor sperm. It helps prepare women for any emotional effects of the donation process. It’s also required for those using surrogacy.

Our Research and Education in Infertility in Women

Learn more about our research and professional education opportunities.